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Our Fine materials



Gold filled jewellery, is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a core base metal and by law this layer of gold must be at least 1/20th (5%) by weight of the total product.
Since gold filled jewelry consists of a thick outer layer of gold, its appearance looks just like real gold (the same is true for rose gold filled jewelry in which copper is added to create a pinkish colour). 
It's high in quality and with proper care, you will have affordable jewelry that wears, looks and lasts like solid gold because its outer surface is actually 14K solid gold. 
Everything you can see and touch is 14K pure gold. 

Is Gold Filled the same as Gold Plated?
No, gold plating is a tiny minuscule layer of solid gold applied to a brass base.
The plating does not compose any measurable proportion of the product’s total weight.
It is estimated to be 0.05% or less of the metal product.
That is why Gold plating will wear off rather quickly and expose the brass base product.
It does not stand up to heat, water or wear over time.
By comparison, Gold filled contains 5% Gold weight so it literally has 100% more gold than gold plating (which means a layer of gold 50 to 100,000 times thicker than regular gold plating, and 17 to 25,000 times thicker than heavy Gold electroplate).
As a result, Gold filled is much more valuable and tarnish resistant: It does not flake off, rub off or turn color. 

Bottom line:
Gold filled jewelry is amazing and it is a fabulous way to enjoy the luster of solid Karat gold without the big price tag!

Also, Please note that all of our gold filled jewellery are nickel-free and in compliance with EU regulation EN1811:2011.



Made with a touch of germanium, Argentium® Silver is a recent development of the sterling silver alloy and was invented by Master Silversmith, Peter Johns at Middlesex University, London.
Argentium® Silver is naturally stronger and more durable than sterling silver.
It presents a brighter and whiter color than any other precious metal thanks to Argentium® Silver’s unique formulation which enhances the appearance of the silver.
Argentium® Silver’s color is closer to fine silver than traditional sterling, yet it is extremely slow to tarnish under most conditions.
And with 93.5% pure silver, Argentium® exceeds the legal standard to be quality-marked as sterling silver (92.5%).
It is also ideal for those with sensitive skin as it has less copper in the surface and no nickel content, resulting in hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties.
And last but not least, Argentium® Silver is produced using ethically sourced silver

 So, bottom line:
Argentium® Silver is bright white, purer and stronger than Sterling Silver 925, hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant and sourced responsibly.
Well, we simply say: what’s not to like?